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Our Fees GUIDE Our services

Guide FEE for Oral Surgery. Exact fee are given after consultation.

  • Consultation Fee for Oral Surgery
  • Consultation for Dental Implant cases including X-rays.
  • Removal of one upper impacted wisdom tooth including consultation
  • Removal of one lower impacted wisdom tooth including consultation
  • Removal of one upper & one lower  wisdom tooth including consultation
  • Removal of two lower impacted wisdom teeth including consultation
  • Removal of four impacted wisdom teeth including consultation
  • Surgical removal of one tooth/roots including consultation

  • Apicectomy+Retrograde filling for one tooth including consultation

  • One Dental Implant placement & Crown (Abutment&Zircona Crown)
  • Subsequent Implant placement & Crown (Abutment&Zircona Crown)

  • One Dental Implant Placement only
  • Standard Implants for denture support per implant (excluding denture)

  • Bone Grafting Autogenous or Artificial per implant site/area
  • Intravenous  Sedation for adults.
  • OPG X-Ray

Please Ring 01-7719100 for fee for other procedures.

Only Surgical Procedures for private medical insurance holders like VHI, Laya, Irish Life Health, Garda Medical Aid, POMAS, & ESB are covered. Medical Card is not a private medical insurance.

Free underground parking up to 2 hours is available in Purple zone in Heuston South Quarter Retail/Super valu car park.



















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